Storage Services

Storage Area Network (SAN) :

Storage Area Network (SAN) is a high-speed special-purpose network that interconnects different data storage devices with associated servers and other computing devices. Typically, a storage area network is a part of the overall network of computing resources in a data centre. SANs support disk mirroring, backup, restore, archival and r etrieval of archived data, data migration from one storage device to another, and the sharing of data among different servers in a network.

SANs are built up from variety of hardware components. RAID Storage systems, switches, Servers, backup devices, Interface cards and cabling all come together to form a SAN. Devices in the SAN are connected by a high speed, high capacity network. Currently, fibre channel is the most popular technology for SAN implementation because of its high speed, non-blocking architecture, its ability to scale from 1 Gbps to 8 Gbps and beyond, and its flexibility to allow many different high level protocols to operate over its infrastructure.

Storage Service :

NIC offers access to a high performance, high availability Storage Area Network (SAN) to servers located in its Data Centre. The existing capacity is configured on RAID 5 & RAID 6 to provide the data protection at the storage level. This storage is connected to core Fibre Channel switch. Servers located in the data centre are using this centralized storage as it's external disk storage through Giga Bits Fibre Channel Network. The additional storage provisioning can be done to the connected servers based on the requirements without any downtime.

NIC offers SAN space from -
Enterprise class storage systems
Mid range (SATA/Near Line SAS) storage systems
NAS storage systems