NDC Shastri Park, New Delhi

NIC has setup a state of the art Tier 3 Data Centre at Delhi IT Park premises in Shastri Park, Delhi. This National Data Centre shall provide services to various e-Governance initiatives undertaken by Government of India.

The national Data Centre has been setup in two stages. In the first stage the Basic Infrastructure was setup. It entailed construction of substation, Chiller plant, UPS and Data Centre. The power infrastructure and cooling infrastructure are the major components of a Data Centre.

To facilitate independent power source for the operations of the Data Centre a Substation has been built at a distance of around 150 metres from the main building. The total area occupied for this purpose is approximately 23150 sq. ft. Substation is again connected to Main Building through a underground tunnel of length 133 metres.

Basic Infrastructure

a. Power - Dedicated 6 MW capacity substation with dual source GRID supply and 12 hours Diesel storage capacity
b. HVAC - Chiller with N+1 redundancy and redundant state-of-art
c. precision air handling units
d. BMS - CCTVs, Access Control System, Fire alarm systems with fire suppression and centralized BMS monitoring and reporting
e. Ten 550 KVA UPS Systems and four 1800 KVA DG sets
f. Server Farm - 500 rack capacity divided into two phases

The ICT infrastructure includes :

a. Network Infrastructure
i. Routers
ii. Core switches
iii. Rack Switches

b. Security Infrastructure
i. Firewalls
ii. Intrusion prevention system (IPS)
iii. Application firewalls

c. Monitoring and reporting tools
i. Network analysis
ii. Threat analysis
iii. Server health monitoring
iv. Service desk

d. Shared Server
i. Virtualization
ii. Linux and windows environments
iii. Postgre, SQL, Oracle Data Bases