Internet Data Centre at NIC HQ, New Delhi

The Internet Data Centre located at NIC Headquarters, New Delhi is ISO 27001 certified world class with state of art infrastructure hosting 450 servers and supporting a wide range of technologies. Wide variety of servers are housed in this Data Centre to provide a range of Basic & Value added Internet Services to Government departments & organizations at various levels right from Central Government to State to district administrations of India.

Presently equipped with 450 servers connected with 1100 TB of storage capacity in the SAN.

DATA Centre Features:

• Storage Area Network (SAN)
• Automated Backup through Enterprise ATLs & Restore
• Server Load Balancing
• 10 Gbps and 1 Gbps network
• State of art Security over secure firewall and Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems (IDS & IPS)
• Fibre Channel Network
• Integrated hardware and software solution
• 24/7/365 monitoring of data centre and customer servers/services
• Physically secured data centre
• High Speed Redundant Internet Connections
• Redundant UPS Power and Backup Generator
• Industrial Strength Air Conditioning System

The ICT infrastructure includes :

a. Network Infrastructure
i. Routers
ii. Core switches
iii. Rack Switches

b. Security Infrastructure
i. Firewalls
ii. Intrusion prevention system (IPS)
iii. Application firewalls

c. Monitoring and reporting tools
i. Network analysis
ii. Threat analysis
iii. Server health monitoring
iv. Service desk

d. Shared Server
i. Virtualization
ii. Linux and windows environments
iii. Postgre, SQL, Oracle Data Bases